Astronomy holiday courses





In our pods

Here we make use of the large 20″ mirrors to take a much loved ‘eyes on’ approach to an astronomy holiday. The light grabbing ability of our dobsonians along with our dark skies able us to take a look at some of the fainter objects available. We provide some orientation of the nights sky for beginners before moving on to sights that are around at that particular time of year. For best conditions a new moon can really help. Please check the new moon calendar for dates.



Our main imaging telescope

In our main dome

We are very proud to announce the new arrival of our 2.7 meter observatory, from which we will be running astrophotography courses and a more in-depth look at some celestial objects.


Our motorized dome houses a Williams Optics 132 triplet refactor on a NEQ6-pro mount. Fully tracked imaging is taken via an Atik 4000 mono CCD to produce the finest and most detailed pictured we can.


Courses can be booked once you have started your holiday. Please feel free to speak to us when you are here for the latest information on what courses are available for that week.

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