Mercury Transit 11th November 2019

Posted on 22nd October, 2019

Mercury Transit Accross The Sun

This November will be the last time we will get a chance to see a Mercury transit until 2032!


Mercury will begin its transit at 12:35 UK time reaching its mid point by 15:20 and ending at 18:04, giving the UK a good chance of seeing most of the transit.

WARNING: Observers should never look directly at the Sun. Permanent eye damage can result. You will not be able to see the transit of Mercury through eclipse glasses.

We will be hoping to use our specialist equipment to take images of the occasion.


A transit occurs when the body, in this case Mercury, moves between us and the sun blocking part of the suns light and revealing the planet as a silhouette against the solar disk. As the planet continues on its orbit, it will traverse the suns surface as a black disk.

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