Planetary conjunction 16th - 20th March 2020

Posted on 10th March, 2020

Conjunction of Mars and Jupiter (with friends)

In March we will have an early morning treat for all the planet lovers. Not only a Mars-Jupiter conjunction (with a cresent moon) but also Saturn and Mercury along for the ride!


On March 16th before sunrise, we will be out and looking at a string of our solar systme objects in the sky. Over the course of an hour we're hoping to see the Moon, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and Mercury before our own Star breaks the horizon. 

On the 20th we'll be up early again to witness a close conjunction of Jupiter, Mars and a cresecnt Moon - hopefully making for a great photo opportunity!! You could also take another look just after dusk to see both Venus and Uranus making an almost total sweap of our solar system.


A conjunction occours when 2 body are in line in their orbits from our perpective making them appear very close together in the sky.

Planetary conjunction 16th - 20th March 2020

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