COVID-19 UPDATE. Due to the current situation with COVID-19, we are unable to provide our astrophotograpy courses as social distancing is not possible in our observatory. Not to worry though, our two observation pods remain available as normal! As soon as we are able, our observatory will be back open for business - hopefully from 1st September!

Here at Eddington Lodge, as well as being able to enjoy the more traditional holiday experience and explore all that North Cornwall has to offer, we aim to go one step further and enable our guests to explore the astronomy of the Cornish night sky. With large, easy to use telescopes coupled with the knowledge we provide, we hope to be able to bring a further dimension to your holiday in an exciting and educational way.

Our stargazing courses are only available from 1st September to the 30th April, as between May and August there is very little astronomical darkness, which means you won't see as much of the good stuff in the night skies! Between September and April you will find some breathtaking sights to behold and will have a fabulous experience here.

20" Dobsonian in one of our observation pods

The Observation Pods

Take advantage of our observation pods situated onsite and enjoy your astronomy holiday with some of the best sights the cosmos has to offer without the hindrance of light pollution or hassle of setting up equipment.

Our two 20″ Dobsonian telescopes are free for direct booking guests to use after completing an introductory training session on correct and safe use of the equipment. This will usually take between 20 and 30 minutes. After completion guests are free to use the equipment whenever weather permits depending on experience.

We aim to provide a friendly and helpful environment for all who stay at Eddington Lodge. Whether you have a passion for the jewels of the cosmos or a more passing interest in astronomy and the twinkling lights of the night sky there is plenty of onsite help and information to set you on your journey around the heavens.

The Rosette Nebular
The Rosette Nebular


We have a fully equipped and automated 2.7 meter motorised observatory dome housing a Williams Optics triplet refracting APO telescope that we use for both planetary photography and imaging deeper objects in the night sky.

Throughout the year we run courses on astrophotography as well as more traditional ‘eyes on’ observations of the night sky. This is not just for enthusiasts but for people of any level to come and experience some of the more high tech aspects of astronomy and learn some new skills or spark enthusiasm in old ones.

Although the brighter objects in the nights sky such as the major planets can be viewed at most times of clear sky, deep sky objects are best observed at periods of new moon.

All courses can be booked onsite when you arrive.


We offer several courses to enhance your stay at Eddington Lodge and help you to make the most of the telescopes. All courses can be booked once you arrive and are subject to availability and environmental conditions. Please contact us if you have further questions.

Visual - £FREE for guests booking on our website, £50 for non-direct guests (single cabin, up to 4 people), 1 hour - Beginners

All of our guests are welcome to join us on a guided tour of the night sky. This is both a great way to become familiar with the telescopes and their operation, and is also a perfect opportunity to be guided around some of the best celestial sights for the time of year that you are visiting. Upon arrival just let us know that you would like to take part and we will arrange a date and time for you to take advantage of this awe-inspiring course. This course lasts for approximately 1 hour.

Visual extra - £25 per hour - Beginners and intermediates

If you enjoyed what you looked at during your first hour on the telescopes, we offer further guided time looking at other sights. You can expect to look at some of the fainter and deeper objects in the night sky and build upon the knowledge learned in the Visual course.

Astrophotography - NOT CURRENTLY AVAILABLE DUE TO COVID-19. £35 per hour (1-3 hours depending on experience and objective) - All experience levels

Our fantastic observatory and state of the art astrophotography equipment provide the opportunity to photograph and take home an image of a deep sky object such as a galaxy or nebula - the ultimate astronomy holiday keepsake! Available to all experience levels, we aim to provide a package to suit everyone, whether you are a complete beginner or veteran in the field.

Our equipment:

In the Observation Pods:

Custom built 20" (0.5m) F4 dobsonian style Newtonian reflectors

Orion optics mirrors, dual focuser with 1.25" and 2" adapter, low magnification finder scope, access to Telrad reflex finder scope.

In the Observatory:

Williams Optics 132 Triplet APO refractor, 2" filter wheel (RGB and Narrowband), Atik 4000 Mono CCD, Williams Optics field flattener, robotic focuser, NEQ6 Pro mount, ST80 and ZWO autoguiding.

When to book

Please visit our Events & Highlights page for detailed information on the very best times to book your stargazing and astronomy holiday as well as dates and times for meteor showers, new moons, celestial events, star parties and gatherings.